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Once in a while, a little fun is quite healthy for me. I am a Britain nationality, and I stay in the beautiful London city I have an absolute love for. My mates and I love some good time to ourselves occasionally during the weekends since we are quite a party. Work for us can get draining, and blowing off steam has always helped us stay fit and never bored with the fantastic things life offers. After trying a couple of fun ideas, we decided not to get nasty with it and hire escorts for a VIP experience. For me, I have always yearned for it, and now that the opportunity presented itself, I was not going to take chances at it.

First, I had to get a rough idea of hiring an escort because I am quite interested in details. I made google my friend and searched the various services offered by escorts and why it’s crucial to hire from an agency rather than a freelancer. My privacy and confidentiality are one thing I never take lightly, and that’s why hiring from an escort agency(Cleopatra Escorts) was the best option for me. I took my chances in requesting first an escort from the agency for a dinner date since this was my first time trying out. To my amazement, the experience it was nothing as I expected.

At first, I thought the date would be more casual or boring in between since this was a paid-for service. However, I saw the value of what I paid for through how VIP professionally prepared the lady was. She was well dressed for the occasion and looked exactly like her pictures on the website’s portfolio. We had quite a smooth chat all along, and I can certainly say it was worth it. She did not wait for me to start conversations in between, but instead, she was quite a talker. We engaged on various topics, had lots of laughter, and the dinner was quite adorable. She respected my privacy and did not take pictures with me to post as most dates would go in this modern era, but rather she was on in on making my dinner experience worth each second I would spend with her.

That was my first experience, and I knew I wasn’t going to stop requesting the agency’s service. My second was when I had a business convention to still go to London but not close to where I reside. Surprisingly the brand I first hired from had beautiful escort ladies in the region who were on hire. It was the last thing I expected since I thought it was only confined to my home area. This time I was looking for a little more adventure. I had been yearned for sex for quite some time, which I had not got in a long time since I was quite busy at work. The business convention was only to be held for two days, and my company had paid for a whole week’s stay at a fancy hotel.

I went through the agency’s services and look for the best-featured lady who was quite a turn on in bed for me and choose from the list. She had to be thick and tall, just like how I love my ladies. Before I paid, I saw an option that I could request more than one escort at an affordable rate, and since I had never had a threesome in my life, this was my golden opportunity. I again scrolled through the website looking for another perfect match, and I indeed found one. I took my chances, and I can with no doubt say it was quite a blast.

The two arrived on time and what stood out is that they did not start straight on the love making moment. We had ample time to talk and get to have one two three drinks, which made us quite tipsy and crave now for the sex. I decided to freshen up first, which I was quite unsure about first because I had head cases of escapades like this where hired escorts would steal and runoff. However, the agency I choose from had professional escorts, and they were quite disciplined. Instead, I found them already at the moment, which made me throw off my towel and get in bed with them. There were freaks, and we all had multiple orgasms, which ever since then, I have never had such an experience.

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