Interview with an escort


We all have seen Pretty Women where a rich man falls for an escort. And there are many other movies about escorts with happy endings but is this happening in real world as well? We got the chance to talk with a former high class escort who worked and lived in London. So we prepared a set of questions for her that she was happy to answer for us as much as she could. See the interview bellow:

I: Why and how did you become and escort in London?

E: I became an escort at 19. At first I did it out of curiosity and then I realised it I like the idea of going to fancy dinner, to dress nice and get payed for it as well. My clients were only rich men who treated me very well and each time I was hired by one of them I had so much fun. Basically, I could not wait for the next booking to come so I can dress nice and go out in the most luxury restaurants or clubs in central London.

I:How do you meet your clients?

E: I find them online through my escort agency in Central London or other clients send me friends of them which is easier because I know for sure they will be ok.

I: Did you have any problems with your clients?

E: It did happen to not get along with some of them and I had to refuse them. They were ok with me refusing them. They can also find another escort in London that will suit their taste. But nothing serious ever happened to me. I guess, I have a feeling to choose the good one.

I: Did you fall in love for one of your clients?

E: Yes I did. I was so in love I quitted my job as an escort and I wanted to be only with him. I did so for 6 months until I realised he didn’t love me and he was lying to me and we end it. And since then, I focused on my job and said to myself I will live my life and in a few year I will find love again and thinking about marriage, maybe.

I: Do you receive expensive gifts from your clients?

pcr13_14s139m_smlss_cp_sqE: Ohh yes. And so many gifts that I started to give some of them to my friends of well. I have a regular client who always sends me extra money in my account and he sees me every week. So every week I get a very good amount of money from him plus the gifts he brings me. I got from luxury bags to even jewellery. My clients know that I care for them and I am always there for them when they need me and we do have fun together so they want to do more for me than just money. So yes, I receive many expensive gifts. I can not complain.

I: Did ever an escort married a rich men? From what you know or heard from your colleagues.

E: Well, yes. Actually one of my friends. She was a stunning Russian lay. She came to London when she was 20. She had a few jobs until she found the man she is married today with. She met him when he booked for the first time. After he spend a few hours with her he was crazy about her. He used to come to her place twice a week , called her non stop, until he decided couldn’t stay apart from her anymore. He wanted her only for himself. He couldn’t stand the idea that other men can have her so he took her with him. He was from Italy, if I remember correctly. Now she lives in Monaco, she has 2 children with him and apparently she is very happy. So, yes, it does happen in real life. And she it’s not the only one who married a rich client. There are many escorts who did as well.

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