Celebrating 23 in Style

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Fresh from college, my 23rd birthday was definitely going to be a bomb. After spending previous birthdays indoors watching movies all night long and eating a lot of junk. This time round, my mates and I had decided to switch things up.


pussyWe had planned to host a two day non-stop party in one of these fine luxury apartments in London. Of course, I was going to celebrate 23 in style, as a software developer, a couple of my buddies and I had started a startup in the AI industry that was doing really well. We, therefore, had a lot of success to celebrate other than the birthday of yours truly.


Anyway fast forward to the night before my birthday, we were all set. We had organized the liquor, the apartment was paid for, and my buddy Wade had already compiled the craziest playlist that would rock us for two days straight. One thing was however missing in our ‘Grand Plan’ was some lady company.


Fortunately, I had recently come across an escort agency London that had a really good reputation. I remember reading a review about how some lads hired London escorts to keep them company at a bachelor’s party. I suggested the idea to my three friends and they were all in it.


Without wasting much time, I opened the escort agency’s website, and alas, there we saw the most beautiful women we have ever seen. Bear with us, in college we were the nerds and we never dated that much. The four of us each chose the escorts that we thought would give us the company we desired.

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Immediately, we got their contacts, we reached out and explained we were having a party and would need some female company. The prices were agreed on and we made our way to the apartment. We were first to arrive and I remember how worried I was. This wasn’t my first time with a central London escort but still, these were the prettiest ladies I had ever come across.


While we were setting things up, the doorbell rang and as we opened, there they were. Fully dressed and psyched up to party. We both introduced ourselves and started partying. Wow is all I can say. This was the best night of my life. My buddies and the young ladies partied till dawn. The young lady that I was mostly attracted to could see I was tense. However she was very gentle and after an hour or two, it felt like I had known her my entire life.


As we all went to sleep in our rooms at three in the morning, we were already getting cozy with each other. The escorts from this agency are not only skilled at what they do but they are also polite, fun and crazy in a good kind of way of course. As I woke up the next morning with her beautifully lying next to me, I thought to myself, this is how I want to spend my birthdays for the rest of my life.

Style: "P30-NeuHeit-Start"

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